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Our Partners

Our Partners, referred to as Primary Financial Service Providers (PFSPs) are blue-chip regulated Financial Service Companies that range from Health Insurance, Life & General Insurance, Commercial Credit, Leasing, Mortgage to Pension Administrators, Digital Banks and Advisory companies. Our Partners also include companies that offer associated services like Training, Telecommunications, Software as a Service, Enterprise Security, and a growing list of others.

Required Certification

Financial Services Marketing Institute

Before starting your career in finance marketing, get certification from the highest recognized membership and training institute in the field of Financial Services Marketing in Nigeria.

Intending PFSPs requirements

  • A Regulated Financial Service business.
  • Will not be directly competing with any of our existing Partners in total overlap businesses.
  • Must have a national footprint or be willing to achieve one in Partnership with Paystar.
  • Must be willing to meet the Terms & Conditions required of all partners.

Become a Partner

Intending PFSPs who meet the above requirements should contact us to arrange a presentation.