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Wealth management should be
easy and accessible

Let us help you run your own financial service practice.
Sell an unlimited range of wealth management products and
get instant commissions using Paystar!

How to run your own financial service practice

If you have ever wanted to run your own finance business powered by a simple and powerful technology; or you would like to consider the possibility, then you are invited to our Free Webinar that will answer all your questions, including what you need to get started.

What you'll learn

  • How the Nigerian Financial Services Sector is structured and why it is a hotbed of opportunity.
  • How you can start your Financial Service Practice almost immediately with minimum capital.
  • How our training and certification will open a whole new world of opportunities for your business.

Paystar is committed to

  • Helping families and individuals live better lives by providing all financial services under one roof.
  • Training and certifying Agents that would provide top class financial advice to Clients.
  • Leveraging on our disruptive technology to help Agents better manage their business, and Clients manage their money.

Our Technology

We have built a robust and powerful technology that is aimed at serving everyone. From our Clients to our Paystar Agents, and even to our Finance Service Providers.

Unprecedented Control

As an individual, you have every right to know what's happening with your investment.

Review Paystar Agents

Get to submit reviews of your Paystar Agent, and change them if necessary.

Unlimited Service Combinations

As an agent, you can choose from our consolidation of regulated financial services for your Clients.

Manage Clients

Keep in touch with your Clients 24/7. Help them to better manage and protect their money.

Enterprise Commissions

Enjoy the highest commissions for every product acquired by your clients because of Paystar's size.

View Transactions

As our partner, you can manage all transactions and financial services you provide through the Paystar platform.