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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Certified Independent Financial Adviser?

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On completion you will be referred to the Financial Services Marketing Institute (FSMI) on referral only from PAYSTAR for the CIFA training and Certification.


On confirmed Certification you will be onboarded on the PAYSTAR Platform with all the tools you need to immediately start your business.

What is required to become an Associate?

It presently costs N120,000 to complete the Certification Training, receive a TabletPC preloaded with the PAYSTAR Proprietary Software, starting stock of Business Cards, Unique Identifier Number, Identity Card and a Customised Debit Card.

Do I have limited locations where I can operate?

No. The Paystar Opportunity allows you to market your business anywhere in the country and online to ensure that you can serve your clients on a 24/7 basis even when you are not physically available.

What ongoing training is available?

The initial training provided by the Financial Services Marketing Institute is very thorough and in additional to helping you understand financial concepts and products it teaches you in very practical terms everything you need to run your business as a professional practice.


There is a growing list of video tutorials and white papers that will be released from time to time both by PAYSTAR and our Primary Financial Service Providers to ensure utmost professional compliance on the part of the Certified Independent Financial Advisers.

What is a typical day in the life of a CIFA?

Based on our pre-certification training, a CIFA should have a pipeline of prospects across diverse socioeconomic income groups. A typical day will involve either a one-on-one or a virtual meeting with a prospect to discuss their plans for achieving financial independence.

The discussions will be driven by the interaction between the Adviser and the client, using evidence-based consultative selling.
On some days the CIFA may host a small group of prospects to share ideas and administer questionnaires that better identify their needs.

All transactions and payments can be made in person or virtually via the PAYSTAR Proprietary Software preloaded on the CIFAs computer. CIFAs can work from anywhere at anytime, experiencing true freedom while earning sustainable incomes.

What can a typical CIFA earn as sustainable income?

PAYSTAR has resisted the urge to make a categorical statement on this because it depends on many variables like commitment, personal organisation, people-orientation, sales proficiency, and whether the Adviser if working full or part-time.


Using what we consider an average CIFA working with a probable list of prospects and offering five different products we have seen a range between N6m and N24m per annum. We understand that outstanding professionals and those who target corporate organisations can earn even more.


CIFAs who run a Family Office, or what we call High-Street Franchise can earn very much higher returns. For more information on our High-Street Franchise please send a mail to